Ranting and Raving

Ummm, the other day I got an e-mail from the bloke who did the Death to S Club 7 site.
The trouble is, he actually seemed to like this site - which is no good at all. He also said that I should do more ranting and raving.

So here goes nothing..

How dare the !#*&%*@* say S Club 7 are bad!
S Club are brilliant.
We need people like the S Club in the world to bring cheerful music to everyone, and the allow the whole human race to get along as one happy family.
We need the S Club to give our lives meaning, to provide a centre for our minds and to supply the nourishment our existence requires.

People who slag off the S Club are just jealous - jealous that they too are not cheezey-pop icons looked up to by the world's youth, jealous that they can't sing dance and make people happy, and finally, just jealous of success.

Basically these people are just very, very sad :-)

Anyone applying the word "sarkasm" to the above shall be shot for misspelling....

Incidentally, a good way to get good points on the 'Kill S Club' game is to just choose two people next to each other and click alternately. I got over 50 points!