OK, this bit of the page is basically going to explain in no uncertain terms why I don't want thick adolesants writing vulgar and abusive stuff on this guest book.
Basically when they do this, I have to be bothered enough to go and remove it. It's rarely even remotely funny, and uses way to many swear words and rude references to be from anyone but teenage boys of the thicker variety. Why thicker? Well, because they often can't spell, haven't quite understood the concept of a capital letter, and usually can't tell the difference between you're and your.
I can just imagine two really stupid little boys sitting at school somewhere in the UK going, "Huh, huh, I know, write, 'your a w*****', that'll be funny".
Well, guess what? I find that quite funny.... umm.
And to just set the record straight before you write your message, I do like the S Club. Why else would I set up an Anti Death to S Club website? Too much spare time is just a failed excuse...!