Am I insane?

Quite possibly. Or YES. Flip a coin - like I care...
But does it matter - I'm only as insane as the bloke who did the other site - and I didn't do a crap game. On the otherhand, I actually claim to like S Club 7, which could be a sign of insanity. But I prefer to think of it as a sign of my commitment to world peace and harmony through music - or something...

I'll take this opportunity to apologise for mutilating the other bloke's graphics and generally disagreeing with him.

What kind of person spends time and money slagging off something which they don't like and doesn't really effect them in any way at all? Oooops, sorry - just insulted most of the planet.

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If you don't want to share my insanity, but would rather look like a "very stupid person" (replace quotes with your favourite expression) then please go to my guestbook and write one of the following:

  • I think S Club are really good so leave them alone you (then use a word either beginning with F, C, or W).
  • S Club suck you (then use a word beginning with C, P, or F).
  • Death is a really major thing and I think it is wrong that you want to kill people. (Ideally you should use steriotypical US slang, but I can't be bothered..!)