Welcome to the Death to 'Death to S Club 7' page - the page dedicated to the downfall of www.deathtosclub7.co.uk
Although it appears that this no longer exists....VICTORY!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaa!
For an alternative try S Club Haters

If you haven't visited this other page, then it might be worth doing so!

So, what's on this site?

Why should S Club 7 be allowed to live?
Explains in far too much detail just why it is that destroying the club that is 'S' would be such a bad thing for everybody.
What else is good in the world of pop?
Explains in far too much detail, and also in a very 'what I thought 2 years ago' way, just what everybody should be listening to and some strange thoughts on WHY?
Am I insane?
Who SHOULD be slaughtered in the world of pop?
I would say Steps, but that really is behind the times.
Some proper ranting and raving
Because I was asked to do some 'cos apparently that's what this kind of site should have or something to that effect. Either way you can blame that guy responsible for Death to S Club 7 for this part 'cos he suggested it. Oh...hang on...you can actually blame him for the ENTIRE site.
and some very uninquisitive people
Guest book
Place all your abuse (mostly for each other by the looks of things) here. I'd also appreciate it if some more of the people out there possessing brains can leave messages - otherwise it just gets boring!
Join PopEx for some virtual pop-shares trading (and buy S Club!)

Why not take a look at the statistics for people visiting this site? You used to be able to go to the referral page and see just how many people were looking for Rachel (nude)! But that seems to have stopped working now... it was a lot though!!

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