What else is good in the world of pop?

For this we'll go for the general description first, followed by examples.
Good music must fall into the category of 'Actually good' or the category 'Cheezy-Pop'. This means that cheezy-pop is good! (or that I'm really trying to confuse your unsuspecting minds)

Actually good - Anything which isn't really annoying, doesn't go on too long, and doesn't sound like someone singing in the bath, or something which was invented in the bathroom, or something which you can only enjoy while completely out of your head. So that's most things - ish. S Club is cheezy so is good but not actually good.

Is Actually Good Is NOT Actually Good (not necessarily bad)
Catatonia S Club 7
Oasis Billy
Deep Purple Charlotte Church
Cheezy-Pop - Any group (has to be group) comprising of at least two females and several extras. Preferably they shouldn't write their own songs/music, they should have been put together by a record company to appeal to young children, and they shouldn't take anything seriously.
Is Cheezy-Pop (so good) Is NOT Cheezy-Pop
S Club 7 Billy
Steps Charlotte Church
B*Witched Titanic sound track
Obviously Billy and Charlotte fail due to the basic problem that they are on their own and completely up themselves with their "serious" music. OK, so Charlotte does do serious music (and very well too) but she is still totally up herself :-)