Who deserves to be slaughtered in the world of pop?

Surprisingly this doesn't cover everybody not fitting into the two good categories.
In reality it only covers those who are too young to be pop stars, act like they want to be shot, and are generally very full of themselves while insisting to the world that they are perfectly normal. Even people like this can be excepted from the rule, as long as they do it deliberately to be annoying - then it's genuinely funny.

People falling into this category are Billy¹, and Charlotte Church, as you may have guessed from earlier sections.

So why won't murdering these people effect the world like the murder of S Club would?
There is a simple answer - forty-two.
Those completely failing to understand this obvious enlightenment should probably leave this page now!

Those understanding the last explanation given should also probably stop reading - it's for your own good.

OK, so forty-two is just a cop out, but the real reason is related (possibly) in a very small way -

six * S Club 7 = 42

and are therefore the answer to Life the Universe, and Everything.
Six * Billy = 6Billy -- suicide methods at the ready.

So this may be flawed (in more ways than the obvious irrelevance as HHG fans will no doubt notice), but at least I tried.

¹ It should be pointed out that I'm mostly refering to the old Billie, new Billie is resonable. Old Billie was 16 and stupid. But new Billie married Chris Evans?! So that makes new Billie just stupid..ah well, all's well that I couldn't care less about...