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Goto OSM
Maps of London produced by OSM. I've been doing some mapping with my GPS around Putney.
My Photos
Flickr Photo Gallery
All my photos are on Flickr which saves bandwidth here. You can go look at them. They're all brilliant and artistic... yeah, OK
Goto F1 Petition
F1 Petition
A very important issue has arisen in the world of Formula 1. Please sign the petition in order to get Pete's gran an F1 drive next year. She's better than DC and you know it...
Goto sheep
Field Of Sheep
An entire field of sheep. This wonderous piece of Flash may use up most of your computer's CPU but hey, you get sheep; an entire field of sheep.
Goto S Club 7
Death to Death to S Club 7
Possibly the most victorious site on the internet; not only did the "Death to S Club 7" site disappear after this had been up a year, but now S Club themselves have split up. So possibly also the most outdated site on the internet...
See some fake news
Stop Junk Mail!
In an attempt to stop the torrent of junk leaflets and random pizza flyers we get through our door (upto 50 a week), and realising our "Please no leaflets or fliers" notice was being ignored, on April 1st I put this on the door. In 2 months we've had about 8 leaflets - so it's a resounding success!!
And just to be clear -- yes it is fake. If you want it for your door the PDF is here
Goto DaveMail
Mr. Ewart's concept. He invented it - blame him. He also made all the spelling mistakes. I added the graphics. And no - you can't actually sign up for it - like most things on this site: it's complete rubbish.
A big banana in the snow
Snow Banana
For some unknown reason Greg decided to take a picture of a banana which he had stuck in the snow. If you talk to him he'll explain his use of "macro-mode".
See some stacking
Stacking is a curse to kitchen draining boards everywhere. In an effort to ensure safe practice I have produced "A Guide to Stacking" which should be taken literally.
Goto some Surreal Stuff
Surreal Stuff
Just one or two things of surrealist nature (as in extremely weird!). Or to be more acurate one big rather strange picture which isn't explained which Greg Pedder gave to me.
See some CorpArt
Lots of nice pictures from Mr. Corp and his friend Becky.
Very nice.